The PowerBar Performance System illustrates the best time to use our products

The deciding factor is not just what you eat, but also when. Sports nutrition by PowerBar supplies you quickly and easily with the ideal quantities and selection of nutrients of high quality. Our products are based on 3 phases that help support successful sports performance:

PowerBar Performance System

Before exercise: To allow you to perform at your maximal ability you need to get to the start line fully fuelled and properly hydrated.

During exercise You must replenish your energy stores and top up on fluids during exercise in order to achieve your personal goals.

After exercise The right approach to recovery will help you to properly adapt to your training and to achieve maximal results.

The PowerBar® Performance System is based on this model. The 1-2-3 system on our packaging shows you when best to use our products. In addition, our products are colour coded for different categories like ‘for better performance and endurance’ or ‘optimise your training success’. Products classified as ‘energy for your day’ taste so good that you can enjoy them throughout the day as a snack. Finally, PowerBar also offers products for specific supplementation of your diet. Read full article