Christopher D. Jensen, PhD, MPH, RD
Learn what you should be eating and drinking before endurance training or competition. Proper nutrition will help optimize your energy, hydration, performance and recovery.

Tips to Keep in Mind:

  1. Start training hydrated and fueled, by taking the time to eat and drink beforehand.
  2. Make sure to consume at least 16-20 oz of water or sports drink 2-4 hours before your workout.
  3. Eat a carbohydrate-based meal (200-300 g) that includes complex carbs, lean protein, and is low in fat 3-4 hours before training.
  4. Eat a carbohydrate snack 1-3 hours before training, and also 30-60 minutes before training.
  5. The time to experiment with different foods, different fluids, and timing of intake is during practices and workouts, not the day of an event.
  6. Meals and snacks should be low in fat and have minimal fiber

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