Marathon training

Josh Cox knows a thing or two about running marathons. Tap into his wealth of knowledge and experience as you train and prepare to conquer 26.2 miles. For a complete Marathon training plan, visit the Training Plans sections on our Nutrition & Training page.

What to eat the night before:
The cardinal rule of running marathons: “Don’t do anything new on race day.” This applies to the night before as well. You want race weekend to be turnkey. A way to facilitate this is to practice all aspects of the marathon in training. Most marathoners complete a long run each week, something my teammates and I do twice a month is a workout called the Marathon Simulation. The workout is 8-12 miles at a steady clip, typically about 45-60 seconds slower than race pace, then 8-10 miles at goal marathon pace. During this workout we practice anything and everything we encounter during a race – it’s a dress rehearsal, if you will. But the simulation extends beyond the borders of the run itself; part of the practice includes our prerace meals, including what I call my “last supper” – the name always seems fitting before pushing my body to its limit for 26.2 miles. I like to eat an early dinner, at 5 or 6 pm. This gives the food plenty of time to digest.  Visit site for more information