Are you participating in a long-duration, intensive event? If so, the carb-loading strategy may be just what you need. Carb-loading is generally understood to be the ‘loading up and increasing muscle glycogen stores’ Or put more simply, it’s about maximising your energy stores.

An easy and effective carb-loading strategy is to consume a diet high in carbohydrate (7-12g carbohydrates per kg body weight per day) in the 3 days leading up to a competition in combination with a noticeably reduced training schedule.

For the ‘carb-loading phase’, the best meal options are carbohydrate-rich foods that are easily digestible, such as pasta, rice, mashed potato, dried fruit and fruit smoothies. Meal tip: Load up your plate with two more spoonfuls of rice or pasta than you would normally eat. Instead of low-calorie soft fruit (such as berries) for dessert, opt for a banana as a snack between meals, grab a PowerBar NATURAL ENERGY bar or eat a few raisins on the go… Visit site for more information