THE A-Z GLOSSARY OF SPORTS NUTRITION PowerBar offers a variety of products for many different types of sports, purposes and occasions. But what are amino acids really? And what does carb-loading actually mean? Our A-Z guide of sports nutrition gives you the answers about the ingredients, the different nutrients as well as their function. From amino acids to zinc.   ABSORPTION The term ‘absorption’ more specifically refers to the uptake of substances (e.g. nutrients, .

Do’s and Don’ts during the race: 8 tips from a pro 19.09.2016.

Specific tips to complete (and enjoy!) a multi stage race 1. It’s a multi day, multi stage event. You have to pace it! You should finish the first 4 stages on Transalpine feeling like you have just finished a long training run. That gets you past the half way point and if you feel still strong it will motivate yourself for the second half. As a bonus you will also start surging past people .