Pure hype or clear competitive edge? 09.04.2015.

What do nutrition trends in competitions and training really bring? The fastest race suit, the best bike, or the lightest shoes don’t mean anything if the body hasn’t got enough available energy. To be able to prepare optimally in training, to deliver the best performance in races and then be able to recover even quicker afterwards demands the correct nutrition. But what is the correct nutrition? Who today can find a path through the .

The “Train low” principle is among the newest trends for endurance athletes. What’s it all about? 01.04.2015.

Interview with the nutritionist of the BMC Racing Team “Train low” means training with low carbohydrate availability. Put simply, the body only has a small amount of carbohydrates available to use as a source of energy. For intense training sessions (e.g. speed training), and during races, it’s important for the glycogen stores (carbohydrate reserves) in the muscles and liver to be well filled. During prolonged endurance exercise carbohydrates should additionally be consumed in regular .